Are comedians more funny when they’re high?

Part talk show, part game show, I'm Too Effing High brings together a panel of stoned comedians and puts them through a series of comedy challenges, games, and performances, half hearted attempting to find out if people are funnier when they’re high. Listen to our recent episodes below and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Google Play.

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Latest Episodes


#68 Mary Holland and Cissy Fenwick

Mary Holland and Cissy Fenwick get high on life… and weed.


#67 Dana Bomar, James Mastraieni, Mike McLendon, Matt Newell, and Dhruv Uday Singh

Co-Founder and CEO of Melt Cosmetics, Dana Bomar sits in with the I’m Too Effing High team to check in and we all get high.


#66 Jon Gabrus, Ally Beardsley, Ryan Stanger, and Devin Felid (Live at UCB Franklin)

Live from UCB Franklin, Jon Gabrus, Ally Beardsley, and Ryan Stanger celebrate the leagalization of Marijuana in California. Plus, comedain Devin Field stops by to share some weed inspired standup.