Are comedians more funny when they’re high? That’s what the podcast and late-night comedy show, I’m Too Effing High, is trying to find out.

Created and hosted by James Mastraieni (Comedy Central, The UCB Show), I’m Too Effing High combines the charming spontaneity of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” or “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” while adding a heavy dose of THC.

Part talk show, part game show, each episode features a new panel of stoned comedians tasked with comedy challenges, games, and performances, plus a cast of recurring characters and segments, showcasing what happens when you get too effing high.

“The vibe is friendly and good-hearted, and the listener feels quickly welcomed into the fold of host and guests. As the listener, you become the quiet baked kid in the corner while your funny friends hold court. Face it, you like to get high and you like to laugh. That’s one of the goals of recreational use.”
Marc Goldstein, The Cannifornian